Plattenzauberer podcast

episode 60

Boy HarsherPain
Pain [EP]   (Oráculo Records, 2015)
Allessandro CortiniScappa
Forse 3   (Important Records, 2015)
VitalicYou prefer cocaine
Poney [EP]   (International Deejay Gigolo Records, 2001)
UniformThe walk
The long walk   (Sacred Bones, 2018)
VarsoviaEllos quieren sangre
Recursos inhumanos   (Buh Records, 2014)
Undone   (Untuned, 2016)
Dead SkeletonsDead mantra
Dead magick   (A Records, 2011)
Skinny PuppyFar too frail
Remission   (Nettwerk, 1984)
Front 242Operation tracks
Geography   (New Dance, 1982)
DarkherHollow veil
Realms   (Prophecy Productions, 2016)
Gui BorattoStriker
III   (Kompakt, 2011)
Rowland S. HowardPop crimes
Pop crimes   (Liberation Music, 2009)
Gary NumanThe fall
Dead son rising   (Mortal Records, 2011)
RotersandExterminate annihilate destroy
Welcome to goodbye   (Dependent, 2005)
Malaria!Your turn to run
New York Passage [EP]   (Jungle Records, 1982)
Solid SpaceDestination moon
Space museum   (In Phaze Records, 1982)
Jäger 90Stiefelblitz
Muskeln & Küsse   (Electric Tremor Dessau, 2007)

episode 59

Genesis P-Orridge (1950-2020)
Psychic TV & Marc AlmondGuiltless
Force the hand of chance   (Some Bizzarre, 1982)
Thee MajestyFlowering pain give space
Time's up   (World Serpent, 1999)
Psychic TVPickles and jam
Mr. Alien brain vs. the skinwalkers   (Dais Records, 2008)
Throbbing GristleWeeping
D. O. A.   (Industrial Records, 1978)
Psychic TVOv power (live)
Descending   (Sordide Sentimental, 1984)
Thee MajestyThee land ov Do Do (A cautionary tail)
Vitruvian pan   (Blossoming Noise, 2007)
Throbbing GristleHotHeelsUnited (Carter Tutti remix)
Mutant TG   (NovaMute, 2004)
Throbbing GristleEndless not
Part two: The endless not   (Mute, 2007)
Psychic TVSnakes
Snakes   (Angry Love Productions, 2014)
Throbbing GristleUnited
D. O. A.   (Industrial Records, 1978)
Psychic TVI believe what you said (Spahn Ranch mix)
Cold blue torch   (Cleopatra, 1996)
Psychic TVLies, and then
Hell is invisible   (Sweet Nothing Records, 2007)
Psychic TVA star too far (Lullaby for Syd Barrett)
Trip reset   (Cleopatra, 1996)
GodzillaReturn to the sea (Psychic TV remix)
Return to the sea [12"]   (Temple, 1994)

episode 58

Genesis P-Orridge (1950-2020)
Psychic TV & The White StainsTOPY Mass
At Stockholm   (Psychick Release, 1990)
Psychic TVCadaques
Pagan day   (Temple, 1986)
Throbbing GristleAdrenalin
Adrenalin [7"]   (Industrial Records, 1980)
Psychic TV & XKPSheathed
Al-or-al   (Dossier, 1994)
Genesis P-Orridge & Astrid MonroeWhen I was young
When i was young   (SPRS, 2001)
Psychic TVThee dweller
Allegory and self   (Temple, 1988)
Psychic TVThe orchids
Dreams less sweet   (Some Bizzare, 1983)
Throbbing GristlePersuasion
20 Jazz funk greats   (Industrial Records, 1979)
Adam & Eve / Psychic TVB-on-E
Ultrahouse (The L.A. Connection)   (Wax Trax!, 1991)
Throbbing GristleSubhuman
Subhuman [7"]   (Industrial Records, 1980)
Psychic TVElipse of flowers
Themes 2   (Temple, 1985)
Thee Majesty & Cotton FeroxLicense for ignorance
Wordship   (Voiceprint, 2003)
Splinter TestBurned out, but building
Sulphur - Low seed replication   (Twilight Command, 1997)
Psychic TVAlienist
Alienist   (Angry Love Productions, 2016)
Psychic TVSoutheast
Direction ov travel   (Temple, 1991)
Throbbing GristleWe hate you (Little girls)
We hate you [7"]   (Sordide Sentimental, 1979)
Psychic TVWe kiss
Pagan day   (Temple, 1986)
Psychic TVMakes two late - Slow motion
Cathedral engine   (Dossier, 1994)

episode 57

AutomelodiSchéma corporel
Automelodi   (Weird, 2010)
Foie GrasSisyphus
Holy hell   (Yellow Year, 2019)
SwansNew mind
Children of God   (Product Inc., 1987)
Alan Vega & Mr. PharmacistYou pay / Too many teardrops
You pay / Too many teardrops [12"]   (Velvet Elk, 2019)
Hearts Of Black ScienceProtector
Signal   (Progress Productions, 2015)
RotersandWar on error
Random is resistance   (Trisol, 2009)
PyritTime for wind
UFO   (Bookmaker, 2015)
The Human LeagueThe path of least resistance
Reproduction   (Virgin, 1979)
Der Blutharsch & The Infinite Church Of The Leading HandShine
What makes you pray   (WKN, 2017)
The Young GodsTear up the red sky
Data Mirage Tangram   (Two Gentlemen, 2019)
Raison d'ÊtreThe sphere opf another world
Tales from the Tabula Rasa   (Old Europa Café, 2014)
Maarten van der VleutenThe primary state of matter
Occult machines and obscure theories   (Signum, 2014)
Death in JuneMy black diaries
Abandon tracks   (New European Recordings, 2005)
CindytalkIn search of new realities
The labytinth of the straight line   (Editions Mego, 2016)
Metal   (Fews, 2017)
Slow White FallOur eyes
Total [EP]   (LIN082, 2019)

episode 56

Wulfband3, 2, 1, Nein
Wulfband   (Progress Productions, 2014)
WappenbundFrieda (Dein sind die Rosen)
Kinder des Lichtes   (Greyland, 2004)
HolygramA faction
Modern cults   (SPV, 2018)
Desiderii MarginisBeyond retrieval
Deadbeat   (Cold Meat Industry, 2001)
VoX LoWIt's rejuvenation
VoX LoW   (Born Bad Records, 2018)
Eno Moebius RoedeliusThe belldog
After the heat   (Sky, 1978)
CindytalkWe are without words
Up here in the clouds   (Editions Mego, 2010)
Controlled BleedingHealing time
Music for gilded chambers   (Sub Rosa, 1989)
Nurse With Wound & Graham BowersTime - To reflect
Time elapsed   (Red Wharf, 2015)
AutomelodiLa poussière
Mirages au futur verre​-​brisé   (HoloDeck, 2019)
Genocide OrganEscuela de las Americas
Obituary of the Americas   (Tesco Organisation, 2016)
PigfaceCan you feel pain
Truth will out   (Invisible, 1993)
3TEETHPearls 2 swine
3TEETH   (Artoffact Records, 2014)
Bourbonese QualkDream decade
Bourbonese Qualk 1983-1987   (Mannequin, 2015)
Deutsch NepalDead dogs entertainment
Amygdala   (Autarkeia, 2011)

episode 55

The KlinikSick in your mind
Sabotage   (3Rio Records, 1985)
Blanck MassDetritus
Dumb flesh   (Sacred Bones, 2015)
SpiritualizedAlways forgetting with you (The bridge song)
[V/A] The space project   (Lefse Records, 2014)
The Black AngelsEstimate
Death song   (Partisan Records, 2017)
Map 71Turn on the
Blue sixteen [MC]   (Blue Tapes, 2016)
Eli KeszlerBreaches breaches
Last signs of speed   (Empty Editions, 2016)
Chris & CoseyHer knee
Collected works 1981-2000   (Conspiracy International, 2006)
Bourbonese QualkBackslash
Bourbonese Qualk 1983-1987   (Mannequin, 2015)
Virgin mind   (Cold Meat Industry, 2005)
SextileVisions of you
A thousand hands   (Felte, 2015)
CoilDark start
Worship the glitch   (Eskaton, 1995)
Guerre FroideDemain Berlin
Untitled [EP]   ( Stechak, 1981)

episode 54

Sturm CaféTraummann
Es geht   (SCR, 2017)
Etant Donnés & Alan VegaShadows lights
Re-up   (Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L'Acier, 1999)
Angels of LightEvangeline
How I loved you   (Young God Records, 2001)
SuicideGhost rider
Suicide   (Red Star, 1978)
Public MemoryHeir
Wuthering drum   (Felte, 2016)
Current 93All the pretty little horsies
All the pretty little horsies   (Durtro, 1996)
DeruMidnight in the garden with ghosts
1979   (Friends Of Friends, 2014)
The Sisters of MercyMarian
First and last and always   (Merciful Release, 1985)
Dead SkeletonsDead mantra
Dead magick   (A Records. 2011)
The Legendary Pink DotsI love you in your tragic beauty
The crushed velvet apocalypse   (PIAS, 1990)
Death and VanillaNecessary distortions
To where the wild things are   (Fire Records, 2015)
Breakdown [7"]   (Dirty Dance, 1981)

episode 53

SymmetryThe magician
The magician [12"]   (Italians Do It Better, 2016)
SquarepusherIambic 5 poetry
Budakhan mindphone    (Warp Records, 1999)
Psychic IllsRa wah wah
Inner journey out    (Sacred Biones, 2016)
Aaron Martin & MachinefabriekWake
Seeker    (Dronarivm, 2017)
Controlled BleedingGlances underbrush
Body samples    (Dossier, 1985)
LustmordThe Daathian doorway
The monstrous soul    (Side Effects, 1992)
The BodyWanderings
No one deserves happiness    (Thrill Jockey, 2016)
Death in JuneHe's disabled
But, what ends when the symbols shatter?    (New European Recordings, 1992)
Z'evWhere were you?
[V/A] Project 91    (Concrete Productions, 1991)
CoilTattooed man
The ape of Naples    (Threshold House, 2005)
GrauzoneFilm 2
Grauzone    (Off Course Records, 1981)
Boyd Rice/NONThe underground stream
Children of the black sun    (Mute, 2002)

episode 52

Metal box   (Virgin, 1979)
Poison DwarfsParade
Labil   (Tiimezone, 2012)
Teho Teardo & Blixa BargeldStill smiling
Still smiling   (Spéla, 2013)
Fantomas   (Mengi, 2016)
Ulrich SchnaussOn my own
A strangely isolated place   (City Centre Offices, 2003)
Gnod & White HillsDrop out
Gnod drop out with White Hills II   (Rocket Recordings, 2010)
Exploded ViewLost illusions
Explodeed View   (Sacred Bones, 2016)
Two One SixPulse
Coming   (Two One Six, 2016)
Psychic TVPirate tape
Pirate tape   (Cold Spring, 1982-2012)

episode 51

Ancient MethodsKnights and bishops
Seventh seal   (Ancient Methods, 2013)
John FoxxEverything is illuminated
London overgrown   (Metamatic, 2015)
UnlovedCry baby cry
Guilty of love   (Unloved, 2016)
Yo La TengoElectric eye
Parallelogram   (Three Lobed Recordings, 2015)
Lena WillikensHowling Lupus
Phantom delia   (Cómeme, 2015)
CoilFire of the mind
The ape of Naples   (Threshold House, 2005)
Levin Goes LightlyShe's dancing
Neo romantic   (Treibender Teppich Records, 2015)
SextileOne of these
Albeit living   (Felte, 2017)
Eli KeszlerCold pin 1
Catching net   (Pan, 2012)

episode 50

LiarsCred woes
TFCF   (Mute, 2017)
Tooth   (Blackerst Ever Black, 2016)
Harmonia & Brian Eno (Harmonia 76)Vamos Companeros
Tracks & Traces   (S3, 1997)
Body SculpturesA collection of ceramic vases
A body turns to Eden   (Posh Isolation, 2016)
Dans DansTV Dreams
Sand   (Unday Records, 2016)
Alessandro CortiniScappa
Forse 3   (Important Records, 2015)
TroubleMother's gone
Snake eyes [7"]   (Sacred Bones, 2017)
Timbre TimbreBeat the drum slowly
Hot dreams   (Full Time Hobby, 2014)
SQÜRLThe dark rift
EP #206   (Sacred Bones, 2017)
Controlled BleedingGlances underbrush
Body samples   (Dossier, 1985)
Klaus NomiFinale
Za bakdaz   (Heliocentric, 2008)
Truus Plus InstrumentsOnly one
Dance with me   (Dewclaw Ditties, 2011)

episode 49

VoX LoWSomething is wrong
Something is wrong [12"]   (Correspondant, 2015)
Nihilist Spasm BandDestroy the nation
No record   (Allied Record Corporation, 1968)
Silver ApplesColors
Clinging to a dream   (Chicken Coop, 2016)
Merzbow vs. NordvargrHeterotic string hybrid
Partikel III   (Cold Spring, 2013)
Nurse With WoundDevil is this the night
Dark fat   (United Jnana, 2016)
Scattered OrderTicker
Puppy frequencies   (Klanggalerie, 2013)
The Flesh VolcanoBruising chain
Slut [12"]   (Some Bizzare, 1987)
Throbbing GristlePersuasion
20 Jazz funk greats   (Industrial, 1979)
Conrad Schnitzler1
[V/A] Guten tag, this is Bureau B   (Bureau B, 2016)

episode 48

Trans AmAlles verboten
California Hotel   (Thrill Jockey, 2017)
CanMother sky
Soundtracks   (Liberty, 1970)
Callus   (Warp, 2016)
DocumentaLove as a ghost
Drone pop #1   (Touch Sensitive Records, 2015)
Joe Meek & The Blue MenI hear a new world
I hear a new world   (RPM Records, 1991)
NicoJanitor of lunacy
Desertshore   (Reprise, 1970)
These Hidden Hands & Lucrecia DaltThese moments dismatled
These moments dismantled [12"]   (Hidden Hundred, 2016)
Croatian AmorAn angel gets his wings clipped
Love means taking action   (Posh Isolation, 2016)
Barry AdamsonIn other worlds
Know where to run   (Central Control International, 2016)
Beak>Wulfstan II
>>   (Invada, 2012)
Fennesz & Jim O'RourkeI just want to stay
It's hard for me to say I'm sorry   (Editions Mego, 2016)
Ben FrostKillshot
By the throat   (Bedroom Community, 2009)
The OrbAlpine dawn
Alpine [12"]   (Kompakt, 2016)

episode 47

Moon DuoCold fear
Occult architecture, volume 1   (Sacred Bones, 2017)
Bohren & Der Club of GoreMaximum black
Black earth   (Wonder, 2002)
BeautumnBlanket short
Northing   (Infraction, 2006)
Borders   (Thrill Jockey, 2017)
Giles CoreyThe haunting presence
Giles Corey   (Enemies List Home Recordings, 2011)
NovellerA pink sunset for no one
A pink sunset for no one   (Fire Records, 2017)
Essaie PasRetox
Demain est une autre nuit   (DFA, 2016)
Andy StottViolence
Faith in strangers   (Modern Love, 2014)
VesselRed sex
Punish, honey   (Tri Angle, 2014)
EllufantUbiquinon [live]
Release convert   (Thiel, 1972)

episode 46

John Foxx & The MathsUnderpass [live]
Analogue circuit: Live at The Roundhouse   (Metamatic, 2012)
Else Marie Pade & Jacob KirkegaardStratus
Svævninger   (Important Records, 2013)
A Winged Victory For The SullenRetour au Champs de Mars
Iris   (Erased Tapes, 2016)
The Early YearsNocturne
II   (Sonic Cathedral, 2016)
Genocide OrganDenard
Under - Kontrakt   (Tesco Organisation, 2011)
Splinter TestAnthrophic duality
Spatial memory   (Dossier, 1996)
SwansFinally, peace
The glowing man   (Young God Records, 2016)
King Dude & Chelsea WolfeBed on fire
Sing more songs together [EP]   (Not Just Religious Music, 2014)
William Basinski & Richard ChartierDivertissement, part I
Divertissement   (Important Records, 2015)
Klaus NomiValentine's day
Za bakdaz: The unfinished opera   (Heliocentric, 2008)

episode 45

Portion ControlAddiction rising
Violently alive   (Sigsaly Transmissions, 2010)
AnenzephaliaBodies of gold
Kaltwelt   (Tesco Organisation, 2012)
UnlovedAfter dinner
Guilty of love   (Unloved, 2016)
Death In JuneDeath is the martyr of beauty
But, what ends when the symbols shatter?   (New European, 1992)
Blanck Mass & Genesis Breyer P-OrridgeThe great confuso, parts I, II and III
The great confuso   (Sacred Bones, 2015)
Young Marble GiantsN.I.T.A.
Colossal youth   (Rough Trade, 1980)
Kreuzweg OstCalvaria
[V/A] Throne - A Cols Spring sampler   (Cold Spring, 2013)
Heaven is for quitters   (Blueberry, 2016)
Das KabinetteThe cabinet
Spy thriller   (Minimal Wave, 2008)
Robin GuthrieSome sort of paradise
Carousel   (Rocket Girl, 2009)
The Crazy World of Arthur BrownPart one: The country (Purple airport of love)
Strangelands   (Reckless, 1988)

episode 44

WranglerReal life
White glue   (MemeTune, 2016)
Test Dept.Zazen
Totality   (Invisible, 1996)
Deutsch NepalPython
Alcohology   (Entartete Musikk, 2015)
SwansLike a drug
Childen of God   (Product Inc., 1987)
Nurse With WoundLost in the ocean
Dark fat   (United Jnana, 2016)
The Young GodsWindklang
Heaven Deconstruction   (PIAS, 1996)
Scott WalkerDream sequence
The childhood of a leader   (4AD, 2016)
You'll Never Get To HeavenAdorn
Adorn   (Mystic Roses, 2014)
ByetonePlastic star
Plastic star [12"]   (Raster-Noton, 2008)
Genocide OrganAutodefensa
Obituary of the Americas   (Tesco Organisation, 2016)
RaimePassed over trail
Quarter turns over a living line   (Blackest Ever Black, 2012)
The ResidentsBoots
Meet The Residents   (Ralph Records, 1974)
BlasterkorpsLa mechanique de nos rancoeurs
La justice des hommes - Chapitre II   (La Nouvelle Alliance, 2003)

episode 43

Crash Course In ScienceJump over barrels
Jump over barrels [12"]   (Dark Entries, 2016)
Elevator To HellRoger and the hair
Elevator to hell   (SubPop, 1995)
Tropic Of CancerThe one left
Permissions of love   (Mannequin, 2012)
We are Nots   (Goner Records, 2014)
Throbbing GristleWomb of corruption
Rafters   (Expanded Music, 1982)
Spahn RanchVortex
The coiled one   (Cleopatra, 1995)
Morgan DeltMake my grey brain green
Morgan Delt   (Trouble in mind, 2012)
Rafael Anton IrisarriReprisal
A fragile geography   (Room40, 2015)
John Foxx & The MathsMeat and metal (live)
The bunker tapes   (Memetune, 2016)
Plus InstrumentsBad mood
Signal through the waves   (Blowpipe, 2016)
AnenzephaliaFinal pulse
Anenzephalia   (Death Factory, 2001)
Not WavingBelieve
Animals   (Diagonal, 2016)
Splinter TestFrozen velocity
Spatial memory   (Dossier, 1996)
Esplendor GeométricoNecrosis en la poya
Necrosis en la poya [7"]   (Tic Tac, 1981)

episode 42

Psychic TVAlienist
Alienist   (Angry Love Productions, 2016)
TonstartssbandhtBlack Country
An when   (Does Are, 2009)
BauhausAll we ever wanted was everything
The sky's gone out   (Beggars Banquet, 1982)
Pink   (Southern Lord, 2006)
VertThe glare
The days within   (Shitkatapult, 2015)
Cabaret VoltaireDo the Mussolini-headkick
Extended play   (Rough Trade, 1978)
GonjasufiYour maker
Callus   (Warp, 2016)
Marie DavidsonExcès de vitesse
Un autre voyage   (HoloDeck, 2015)
Exploded ViewNo more parties in the attick
Exploded View   (Sacred Bones, 2016)
EMAActive shooter
Active shooter   (EMA, 2015)
Marching ChurchHungry for love
This world is not enough   (Posh Isolation, 2015)
Angels of LightEvangeline
How I loved you   (Young God Records, 2001)

episode 41

Benedikt FreyCan't joke with DXY
Ghosts [12"]   (Crème Organization, 2015)
Four TetEvening side
Morning / Evening   (Text Records, 2015)
King Midas Sound & FenneszMysteries
Edition 1   (Ninja Tune, 2015)
The Haxan CloakConsumed
Excavation   (Tri Angle, 2013)
Scott Walker & Sunn O)))Brando
Soused   (4AD, 2014)
Singapore SlingLet it roll, let it rise
Psych fuck   (Fuzz Club, 2015)
FaustLäuft... Heisst das es Läuft oder es Kommt bald... Läuft
Faust IV   (Virgin, 1973)
Map 71XV
Blue sixteen [MC]   (Blue Tapes, 2016)
Black Light AscensionYour time
Ashes   (Hau Ruck!, 2011)
Controlled BleedingShaved sound
Between tides   (Multimood, 1986)
Backwards   (Cold Spring, 2015)
Thee MajestyLittle black boy
[V/A] Looking for Europe   (Index Verlag, 2005)
TVAMGas and air
Gas and air / Cannibals [MC]   (Blak Hand, 2016)

episode 40

AutoluxHamster suite
Pussy's dead   (30th Century Records, 2016)
Cold CaveNausea, the earth and me
Full cold moon   (Deathwish, 2014)
Death and VanillaThe optic nerve
To where the wild things are   (Fire Records, 2015)
James FerraroSkid row
Skid row   (Break World Records, 2015)
Ha / Panties [12"]   (Blast First Petite, 2008)
Mutant   (Mute, 2015)
Night BeatsCelebration #1
Who sold my generation   (Heavenly, 2016)
The BodyTo carry the seeds of death within me
I shall die here   (Rvng International,2014)
Right on!   (Rough Trade, 2015)
Death In JuneFall apart
The wall of sacrifice   (New European, 1989)
Dernière VolontéJe n'avais pas compris
Prie pour moi   (Hau Ruck!, 2016)
Foresta Di FerroHarmony of pen and sword
Bury me standing   (Hau Ruck!, 2003)
Marek Zebrowski & David LynchNight - A landscape with factory
Polish night music   (DLMC, 2007)

episode 39

Sturm CaféStiefelfabrik
So Seelisch, so Schön!   (Progress Productions, 2005)
André BrattenCascade of events
Gode   (Smalltown Supersound, 2015)
CheatahsSigns to Lorelei
Mythologies   (Witchita, 2015)
Nico & The FactionCamera obscura
Camera obscura   (Beggars Banquet, 1985)
The KVBA tenuous grasp
Mirror being   (Invada, 2015)
Psychic TVWe kiss
Allegory and self   (Temple Records, 1988)
Josefin Öhrn & The LiberationSunny afternoon
Horse dance   (Rocket Recordings, 2015)
A Place To Bury StrangersNow it's over
Transfixation   (Dead Oceans, 2015)
Malaria!Your turn to run
Kaltes Klares Wasser [12"]   (Moabit Musik, 1991)
CemeteriesLuna (Moon of claiming)
Barrow   (Track and Field, 2015)
Der Blutharsch & The Infinite Church Of The Leading HandReincarnation
The story about the digging of the hole and the hearing of the sounds from hell   (WKN, 2011)
AnenzephaliaFinal pulse
Anenzephalia   (Death Factory, 2001)
Black Light AscensionTen minutes of midnight
Post future recordings   (Hau Ruck!, 2014)

episode 38

Position ParallèleHotel du Nord
Position Parallèle   (Hau Ruck!, 2008)
Desiderii MarginisCome ruin and rapture
Procession   (Cyclic Law, 2012)
Cold ShowersOnly human
Matter of choice   (Dais, 2015)
ClinicKing Kong II
Free reign II   (Domino, 2013)
Dirty BeachesElli
Drifters / Love is the devil   (Zoo Music, 2013)
All fall down [7"]   (Chrysalis, 1986)
Scott Walker & Sunn O)))Lullaby
Soused   (4AD, 2014)
Nicole DollangangerIn the land
Natural born losers   (Nicole Dollanganger, 2015)
Tropic Of CancerBe brave
Be brave   (Downwards, 2011)
VårBegin to remember
No one dances quite like my brothers   (Sacred Bones, 2013)
Flavien BergerInline twist
Léviathan   (Pan European Recording, 2015)
Jon Appleton & Don CherryBAO
Human music   (Flying Dutchman, 1970)

episode 37

Jeans Team, feat. MJ LamKeine Melodien, 1-2-3-4
Keine Melodien [ep]   (Kitty-Yo, 2001)
Indian JewelryExcessive moonlight
Totaled   (We Are Free, 2010)
Scratch Massive, feat. ChloéCloser
Nuit de rêve   (Pschent, 2011)
Molly NilssonMy dream from last night
These things take time   (Dark Skies Association, 2011)
Current 93A gothic love song (for N)
Soft black stars   (Durtro, 1998)
Cockteau TwinsBlood bitch
Garlands   (4AD, 1982)
Oppenheimer AnalysisThe devil's dancers
Oppenheimer Analysis [EP]   (Minimal Wave, 2005)
:Of The Wand & The Moon:Sunspot
The lone descent   (Heiðrunar Myrkrunar, 2011)
John FoxxThe other side
B-Movie (Ballardian Video Neuronica)   (Metamatic, 2014)
Kiss The Anus Of A Black CatShake off your dreams
Weltuntergangsstimmung   (Onderstroom, 2012)
AllerseelenTanzt die Orange
Venezia   (Aorta, 2001)
Dernière VolontéRoma 39 (Axe II)
Obeir et mourir   (La Nouvelle Alliance, 1998)
A Place To Bury StrangersDeeper
Transfixation   (Dead Oceans, 2015)

episode 36

Sturm CaféKoka Kola Freiheit
Europa!   (SCR, 2015)
The Young GodsSandvaten
Music for artificial clouds   (Intoxygene/Make Up, 2004)
Midge Ure & Mick KarnTextures
After a fashion [7"]   (Chrysalis/Musicfest, 1983)
Project PitchforkThe circus
Black   (Trisol, 2013)
Chris & CoseyDriving blind
Songs of love & lust   (Rough Trade, 1984)
Raison d'ÊtreMy soul is darkened
When the earth dissolves in ashes   (Cold Meat Industry, 2011)
PropergolSignal H
Cleanshaven   (Hermetique, 1998)
Splinter TestGamma collision
Spatial memory   (Dossier, 1996)
Noises of RussiaMission monotone Russe en constellation du Pegasus
[V/A] Roulette Russe pour un peu de caviar   (Monochrome Vision, 2007)
Flug 8Trans atlantik
Trans atlantik   (Disco B/Indigo, 2014)

episode 35

ECOHass und Liebe
Hass und Liebe [12"]   (Teldec, 1990)
Dernière VolontéAmi
Le feu sacré   (Hau Ruck!, 2000)
Truus Plus InstrumentsDance with me
Dance with me   (Dewclaw Ditties, 2011)
SwansMother of the world
The seer   (Young God, 2012)
Nid & SancySkinny fit
The cut up jeans technique   (Digital Piss Factory, 2014)
The Mothers of InventionThe return of the son of monster magnet
Freak out!   (Verve, 1966)
AmatorskiShe became ballerina
From clay to figures   (Crammed, 2014)
Psychic TVUnclean
Descending   (Sordide Sentimental, 1985)
Kostas Christides14 Souls
Perkins' 14   (BSX, 2011)
Foetus Inc.Butterfly potion
Butterfly potion [EP]   (Big Cat, 1990)
Mekanik DisorderOut of context
Out of context   (Caustic Records, 2014)
Miss ConstructionDon't be sad
United trash - The Z files   (Fear Section, 2013)
Virgin PrunesJigsawmentallama
Over the rainbow   (Baby Records, 1985)
Vampire RodentsGravity's rim
Gravity's rim   (Fifth Column, 1996)
Marc & The MambasBlack heart [live, 1983]
Three black nights of little black bites   (Cherry Red, 2012)

episode 34

SielwolfSpuck den Dreck aus
Metastasen   (KK Records, 1994)
The Young GodsTenter le grillage
Everybody knows   (Two Gentlemen, 2010)
NeotekPink noise
Brain over muscle   (Cleopatra, 1995)
Controlled BleedingGrinder's song
Odes to Bubbler   (Soleilmoon, 2011)
Razed in BlackSolution
Sacrificed   (Cleopatra, 1999)
Juggernaut   (Hydra Head / Vaultworks, 2007)
Roel FunckenDreampty
Dreampty [EP]   (Eat Concrete, 2013)
Maarten van der VleutenDrumfire at Smallwater
The scars remain   (Toneflaot, 2010)
Ghettoville   (Werk Discs / Ninja Tune, 2014)

episode 33

Psychic TVSet the controls for the heart of the sun
Trip reset   (Cleopatra, 1996)
Das DingTake me away
HSTA   (Minimal Wave, 2009)
Plus InstrumentsInto oblivion
Trancesonics   (Dewclaw Ditties / Blowpipe, 2013)
Wolf EyesA million years
Human animal   (SubPop, 2006)
Dernière VolontéAchtung!
Le cheval de Troie   (La La Land, 2007)
Death In JuneThe maverick chamber
The snow bunker tapes   (New European, 2013)
Maarten van der VleutenMedcraft B25
ECT for piano   (Signum, 2009)
Mater Suspiria VisionSeduction of the armageddon witches
Seduction of the armageddon witches   (Mishka, 2011)
Portion ControlSkins
Pure form   (Other Sounds, 2012)
Nurse With WoundLivin' fear of James Last
Who can I turn to stereo   (United Dairies, 1996)
Executive SlacksThe bus
Executive slacks   (Red Music, 1983)
Easy listening   (Invisible, 2002)
Spahn RanchTest my reaction
Beat noir   (Cleopatra, 1998)

episode 32

Disco InfernoLost in fog
It's a kid's world [EP]   (Rough Trade, 1994)
LiberezMy madness offends
Sane men surround   (Savoury Days, 2013)
The final report   (Industrial, 2012)
Sunn O)))Big church
Monoliths & dimensions   (Southern Lord, 2009)
Ordo Rosarius EquilibrioDepravity
CCCP   (Cold Meat Industry, 2003)
BurzumSôl austan
Sôl austan, mâni vestan   (Byelobog Productions, 2013)
Esplendor GeométricoMariobras por hora
Desarrollos geométricos   (Geometrik, 2011)
DAFCo co pino
Der Mussolini [Compilation]   (The Grey Area, 1998)
Asmus TietchensZeebrügge
Litia   (Sky Records, 1983)
CoilAt the heart of it all
Scatology   (Force & Form, 1984)
The Black AngelsBlack isn't black
Indigo meadow   (Blue Horizon, 2013)

episode 31

Delta 5Mind your own business
Mind your own business [7"]   (Rough Trade, 1979)
White light from the mouth of infinity   (Young God, 1991)
Blindoom   (Rustblade, 2006)
Filosofem   (Misanthrophy, 1996)
Controlled BleedingWords (Of the dying)
Trudge   (Wax Trax!, 1990)
Dernière VolontéL'Ombre des réverbères
Devant le miroir   (Hau Ruck!, 2006)
Triangular AscensionFall of the soilent empire
Leviathan device   (Cyclic Law, 2011)
Purifying fire   (Soleilmoon, 2000)
Lamia VoxLapis occultus
Sigillum diaboli   (Cyclic Law, 2013)
The Young GodsLucidogen
Second nature   (Intoxygene, 2000)
Nurse With Wound & Graham BowersThe bitter end
Parade   (Red Wharf, 2013)

episode 30

Dernière VolontéLa sentence est la mème
Mon meilleur ennemi   (Hau Ruck!, 2012)
SandowRaum aller Dinge
Stachelhaut   (What's so funny about..., 1999)
John Foxx & The MathsTalk (Beneath your deams)
Evidence   (Metamatic, 2012)
The KnifeFull of fire
Shaking the habitual   (Rabid, 2013)
Esplendor GeométricoEstación katowice
Kosmos kino   (Discos Esplendor Geometrico, 1988)
Ordo Rosarius EquilibrioWho stole the sun from it's place in my heart?
Apocalips   (Cold Meat Industry, 2006)
Triangular AscensionThe future code
The chronos anomaly   (Cyclic Law, 2013)
Portion ControlSick man
Slug   (, 2008)
Conrad SchnitzlerAfghanistan
Consequenz   (Conrad Schnitzler, 1980)
The Young GodsNous de la lune
The Young Gods   (Organik, 1987)

episode 29

DMX KrewI'm all alone
Our most requested records   (Rephlex, 2005)
Fractal I   (Machinery, 1993)
Sala Delle ColonneMoscow, 1917
Cronache   (Autumn Wind Productions, 2007)
Deutsch NepalCity of stone
Deutsch Nepals Dystopian Partycollection   (Cold Meat Industry, 2008)
Non Toxique LostSterbende Jugend
Siga siga   (Dossier, 2005)
Ordo Rosarius EquilibrioThe wedlock of equilibrio
Make love, and war   (Cold Meat Industry, 2001)
Genesis P-Orridge & Astrid MonroeWhen I was young
When I was young   (Important, 2004)
NON / Boyd RiceTurn me on, dead man
Back to mono   (Mute, 2012)
Chris & CoseyAfrakina
Muzik fantastique!   (PIAS, 1993)
Lab ReportFig. VIII-43
Unhealthy   (Invisible, 1993)
X-TG & Marc AlmondThe falconer
Desertshore   (Industrial, 2012)
Sunn O)))Rabbit's revenge
ØØ Void   (Southern Lord, 2011)

episode 28

John Foxx & Louis GordonFrom trash
From trash   (Metamatic, 2006)
Sala Delle ColonneImperialismo pagano
XX.A.D   (Cold Meat Industry, 2012)
DeepchildPerimeter of release
Neukölln burning   (Thoughtless Music, 2012)
Pete Namlook & Mixmaster MorrisFishology
Dreamfish   (Avatar, 2001)
KTLForest floor I
KTL   (Editions Mego, 2006)
RummelsnuffFreier fall
Sender Karlshorst   (Out Of Line, 2010)
Tony Conrad & Genesis Breyer P-OrridgeDemilitarized ozone
Talking issue   (Dais, 2009)
Current 93Sunflower
Honeysuckle Æons   (Coptic Cat, 2011)
Deutsch NepalAngel impact
Benevolence   (Cold Meat Industry, 1993)
Maarten van der VleutenBlutige Marie II
Are you worthy?   (Tonefloat, 2012)

episode 27

The XXSunset
Coexist   (Young Turks, 2012)
Virgin PrunesSons find devils
The moon looked down and laughed   (Baby Records, 1986)
Dave Ball (feat. Genesis P-Orridge)Sincerity
In strict tempo   (Some Bizzare, 1983)
Mater Suspiria VisionSeance infernale
Seduction of the armageddon witches   (Mishka, 2011)
SwansThe seer returns
The seer   (Young God, 2012)
Clock DVAYou're without sound
[V/A] Hicks from the sticks   (Antilles, 1980)
Death in JuneShe said destroy
She said destroy [7"]   (New European, 1984)
John FoxxBurning car
Burning car [7"]   (Metal Beat/Virgin, 1980)
ActressBubble butts and equations
Splazsh   (Honest Jon's Records, 2010)
Sigur RósVarðeldur
Valtari   (Krúnk/Parlophone, 2012)
Killing JokeS.O. 36
Killing Joke   (EG, 1980)
Maarten van der VleutenEltec (Rude 66 Gortex remix)
Kremahitz   (Mighty Robot, 2006)

episode 26

The AikiuPieces of gold
Pieces of gold [EP]   (The Aikiu, 2012)
Maarten van der VleutenMecta SR-1
ECT for piano   (Signum, 2011)
Portion ControlIcon
Violently alive   (Sigsaly Transmissions, 2010)
Sunn O))) & Pan SonicChe
[V/A] Alan Vega 70th Birthday Limited Edition EP Series #5   (Blast First Petite, 2009)
Esplendor GeométricoMichi michi
Pulsión   (Geometrik, 2009)
Ljubljana–Zagreb–Beograd   (The Grey Area, 1993)
ActressGreen gal
Hazyville   (Werk Discs, 2008)
Songs of gods and demons   (Vaultworks, 2011)
The Young GodsThe sound in your eyes
Second nature   (Intoxygene, 2000)
Nurse With WoundBlack is the colour of my true love's hair
She and me fall together in free death   (Beta-lactam Ring, 2003)
SandowNeue Nebel
Stachelhaut   (What's so funny about..., 1999)
Hirsute Pursuit & Boyd RiceBoys keep swinging
Tighten that muscle ring   (Cold Spring, 2012)

episode 25

[V/A] Reproductions: Songs of The Human league   (March, 2000)
Man made machine   (CLR X, 2012)
CoilAqua regis
Scatalogy   (Force & Form, 1988)
OMDDazzle ships (Part II, III, VII)
Dazzle ships   (Virgin/Telegraph, 1983)
Non Toxique LostEverybody's darling
/Bin/Med/USA   (Dossier, 2005)
ReignsThe diagram
The widow blades   (Monotreme, 2011)
John Foxx & The MathsFalling away
The shape of things   (Metamatic, 2012)
CindytalkDebris of a smile
The crackle of my soul   (Editions Mego, 2009)
Centenaire & KingQ4Eat this
[V/A] Mind the gap 94   (Gonzo Circus, 2012)
Psychic TVWrongs of spring
Trip reset   (Cleopatra, 1996)
Lawrence EnglishDecember 24 - Frost's bitter grip
The peregrine   (Experimedia, 2011)
Controlled BleedingKey of O
Before the quiet   (MVD Audio, 2008)

episode 24

RummelsnuffDer Hund
Halt' durch   (ZickZack, 2008)
The Jesus LizardHappy bunny goes fluff-fluff along
Pure   (Touch & Go, 1989)
The Mothers of InventionThe return of the son of mother magnet
Freak out!   (Verve, 1966)
SwansStay here
Filth   (Neutral, 1983)
Bliss the Pocket OperaAshee tree
Wisdom, magick, chaos   (Duck Pond, 1990)
Rare II   (Chrysalis, 1994)
Thee Majesty & Cotton FeroxTimes change
Wordship   (Temple/Voiceprint, 2004)
LaibachDas Spiel ist aus [remix]
Das Spiel ist aus   (Mute, 2004)
Psychic TVDiscipline [live]
Live in Europa I   (Temple/Voiceprint, 2003)
John Foxx & Louis GordonNeuro video
Sideways   (Metamatic, 2006)
MotorBleep #1
Unhuman   (NovaMute, 2007)
CrassThe immortal death
How does it feel?   (Crass, 1982)

episode 23

604   (Invicta Hi-Fi, 2001)
Kraftwerk   (Philips, 1970)
The Danse SocietyWake up
Heaven is waiting   (Arista, 1984)
The Legendary Pink DotsAll the king's men
All the king's men   (ROIR, 2002)
Noises of RussiaAt first
Hydrophobia   (Drill, 2010)
FreshlyBorn under the stars
[V/A] Rot in hell   (Rot, 1984)
CindytalkHanging in the air
Hold everything dear   (Editions Mego, 2011)
John Foxx & Theo TravisTorn sunset
Torn sunset   (Edsel, 2011)
Test Dept.Empire [live]
Proven in action   (Ministry of Power, 1991)

episode 22

John Foxx & Louis GordonCrash and burn
Crash and burn   (Metamatic, 2003)
PigfaceSatan on the inside looking in / Red around the eye
Washingmachine mouth   (Invisible, 1993)
Mouse on MarsDiskdusk
Niun niggung   (Our Choice, 1999)
SuicideRocket USA
Suicide   (Red Star, 1977)
Sonic YouthLightnin'
NYC Ghosts and flowers   (Geffen, 2000)
Spahn RanchMind riot
Spahn Ranch   (Cleopatra, 1992)
PortisheadTheme from 'To kill a dead man'
Sour times   (Go! Beat, 1994)
Midge Ure & Mick KarnTextures
After a fashion [7"]   (Chrysalis, 1983)
Throbbing GristleHotHeelsUnited (Carter Tutti remix)
Mutant TG   (NovaMute, 2004)
Aphrodite's Childoo
666   (Vertigo, 1972)
DeerhoofMy pal Foot-Foot
[V/A] Better than the Beatles - A tribute to The Shaggs   (Animal World, 2001)
The Angels of LightThe angels of light
New mother   (Young God, 1999)
The Crazy World of Arthur BrownSpontaneous apple creation
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown   (Track Record, 1968)
AshtrayheadMy private pornostar
Ashtrayhead   (Invisible, 1997)

episode 21

Tom Dissevelt & Kid BaltanDrifting
Electronic movements   (Philips, 1962)
Current 93Halo
Halo   (Durtro, 2004)
ChokeboreNow I crawl
Clusterfuck '94   (Amphetamine Reptile, 1994)
Thee Majesty & Cotton FerixSearching for substance
(Temple/Voiceprint, 2003)
Holy FuckLucky
Latin   (Young Turks, 2010)
The Legendary Pink DotsThe grain kings
The Maria dimension   (PIAS, 1991)
Art pop   (Swim, 2007)
Lab ReportSignal to signal
Unhealthy   (Invisible, 1993)
NicoFacing the wind
The marble index   (Elektra, 1968)
KluteI wanna fuck now!
Excluded   (Zoth Ommog, 1992)
SkinBreathing water
Shame, humility, revenge   (Product Inc., 1988)
Klaus SchulzeVelvet voyage
Mirage   (Island, 1977)
Cabarate VoltaireNag nag nag
7"   (Celluloid, 1979)

episode 20

KiemDoin' time
7"   (Transglobal, 1985)
Einstürzende NeubautenIch bin's
Fuenf auf der nach oben offenen Richterskala   (Torso, 1987)
Silver ApplesYou're not fooling me
Contact   (Kapp, 1969)
Atari Teenage RiotDeath star
Burn, Berlin burn!   (Grand Royal, 1997)
Electric Hellfire ClubIncubus [Leæther Strip remix]
Trick or treat?   (Cleopatra, 1995)
E6   (Invisible, 1997)
BlindBe the master
[V/A] Treshold complication   (Treshold, 1989)
TrentemollerTake me into your skin
The last resort   (Poker Flat, 2006)
The XXFantasy
XX   (Young Turks, 2009)
UltravoxWe stand alone [live]
Return to Eden   (Chrysalis, 2010)
Brian EnoHere come the warm jets
Here come the warm jets   (Island, 1973)
Conrad SchnitzlerAuf dem Schwarzen Kanal
Auf dem Schwarzen Kanal   (RCA, 1980)
NON / Boyd RiceMonism
Receive the flame   (Mute, 1999)

episode 19

Psychic TVTribal
Peak hour   (Temple, 1993)
Nurse With WoundBlack teeth
Huffin' rag blues   (Dirter Promotions, 2008)
John Foxx & The MathsWatching a building on fire
Interplay   (Metamatic, 2011)
Razed in BlackI worship you
Sacrificed   (Cleopatra, 1999)
BlutengelSoul of ice
Seelenschmerz   (Out of Line, 2001)
Leæther StripAdrenalin rush
Satanic reasons   (Cleopatra, 2005)
Current 93Locust
Halo   (Durtro, 2005)
Not BreathingLilac time
Itchy tingles   (Invisible, 2000)
Lab ReportRave
Unhealthy   (Invisible, 1993)
Controlled BleedingWords of the dying
The Fodder song   (Wax Trax, 1989)
Miss Kittin & The HackerYou and us
First album   (Emperor Norton, 2001)

episode 18

BlutengelSinging dead man
Labyrinth   (Out Of Line, 2007)
NON / Boyd RiceDeletion
Might!   (Mute, 1995)
The ResidentsThe angry Angakok
Eskimo   (Ralph, 1979)
The Young GodsKissing the sun
Only heaven   (PIAS, 1995)
Chris & CoseyFantasteek (live)
C & C Luchtbal   (Conspiracy International, 2003)
Cowboy RacerCowboy disco
Love stationary   (White Lines, 2011)
Public ImageTheme
Public Image   (Virgin, 1978)
Psychic TVI believe what you said (Spahn Ranch mix)
Cold blue torch   (Cleopatra, 1996)
CindytalkEverybody is Christ
Camouflage heart   (Midnight Music, 1984)
Sheep on DrugsHere to stay (live)
Double trouble   (Invisible, 1996)
Current 9326 April 2007
Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain   (Coptic Cat, 2009)
Silver ApplesWater
Contact   (Kapp, 1969)
John FoxxShifting perspective
Cathedral oceans   (Metamatic, 1995)

episode 17

SwansA screw (Holy money)
Holy money   (K.422, 1986)
CrassShaved women
Stations of the Crass   (Crass, 1979)
LaibachDas Spiel ist aus
Wat   (Mute, 2003)
Black Sun Prod. & BahntierHomoccult
Enoeraew   (Rustblade, 2003)
Current 93The nudes lift shields for war
Baalstorm, sing Omega   (Coptic Cat, 2010)
CindytalkJaney's love
In this world   (Midnight Music, 1988)
Conrad SchnitzlerDas Tier
Con 3   (Sky, 1981)
TuxedomoonCarry on circles
Bardo Hotel soundtrack   (Crammed, 2006)
Spahn RanchA picture
Closure   (Cleopatra, 2001)
DAF/DosRoter Mund (live)
Der DAF/Dos live Staat   (Vision, 1999)
Sunn O)))Cursed realms (of the winterdemons)
Black one   (Southern Lord, 2005)
SchwarzGran colisionador de drones
Espíritus del desierto, yo os invoco   (Schwarz, 2010)
Delivery   (Earache, 1997)
The Future / The Human Leaguec'Est grave
Excerpts from The Golden Hour of The Future   (Black Melody, 2002)

episode 16

Ping Pong BitchesRock action
Ping Pong Bitches   (PopTones, 2001)
Inner SignalModule 14
Extremum   (Entropy, 2011)
SuicideFrankie Teardrop
Suicide   (Red Star, 1978)
Virgin PrunesCome to daddy (live)
Hérésie   (New Rose, 1993)
Civilised Society?The fairer sex
You were warned...   (Manic Ears, 1990)
Current 93Raio no terrasu
Dogs blood rising   (Laylah, 1984)
CoilHere to here
Unnatural history   (Threshold House, 1990)
Ordo Rosarius EquilibrioLet the words of my murder be the last words you here
Apocalips   (Cold Meat Industry, 2006)

episode 15

No MoreSuicide commando
7"   (Too Late Records, 1981)
Psychic TVI like you
Live in Glasgow plus 1986   (Temple, 2003)
NauseaSelf destruct
Extinction   (Meantime, 1990)
Air   (Bondeskiver, 1986)
The HackerFlesh and bones
Reves mecaniques   (Goodlife/Different, 2004)
Throbbing GristleThe old man smiled
Heathen earth   (Mute, 1980)
SwansSex God sex
Children of God   (Product, Inc., 1987)
Michael's UncleVzpomínáme / Internacionála
The end of dark psychedelia   (Rat Records, 1990)
Jimi TenorOut of nowhere
Out of nowhere   (Warp, 2000)
SolbakkenSeabird flavour
Music for Lost   (Hooverflag, 2004)
On 45   (FV Založba, 1990)
LaibachTanz mit Laibach
Wat   (Mute, 2003)
John FoxxUnderpass
Metamatic   (Metal Beat, 1980)
Boyd Rice & Death in JuneSummer is gone
Alarm agents   (NER, 2004)

episode 14

Jon AppletonChef d'oeuvre
Appleton Sintonic Menagerie   (Flying Dutchman, 1969)
One small day [7"]   (Chrysalis, 1984)
Current 93 & Anok PeShe took us to the places were the sun sets
Birth canal blues   (Durtro/Jnana, 2008)
Yellow Magic OrchestraStairs
Technodelic   (Alfa, 1981)
Boyd Rice & Death in June (Scorpion Wind)Never
Heaven sent   (Twilight Command, 1996)
BeefeaterMr. Silverbird
Plays for lovers   (Discord, 1985)
MotorKick it
Metal machine   (Shitkatapult, 2009)
Cowboy RacerHey cowboy
Yellow horse   (White Lines, 2004)
Bangkok ImpactBlack zoo
The crème years   (Crème organization, 2009)
SkinThe center of your heart
The world of Skin   (Product Inc., 1988)
Shock TherapyStay alive
God   (Dossier, 1996)
The Human LeagueNo time
The Peel sessions   (BBC, 1978)
Sheep on DrugsKilling time
Medication time   (Le Cluricaun, 2011)
Release   (Ant-Zen, 1999)
Heavengazers   (Acuarela, 2006)

episode 13

Fad GadgetLove parasite
Under the flag   (Mute, 1982)
Virgin PrunesLoved one
Hérésie   (L'Invitation au suicide, 1982)
Palais SchaumburgMorgen werd der Wald gefegt
Palais Schaumburg   (Phonogram, 1981)
IsoléeDo re mi
We are monster   (Playhouse, 2005)
Klaus SchulzeVoices of syn
Blackdance   (Brain, 1974)
NicoWe've got the gold
The end   (Island, 1974)
CreaturesSky train
Feast   (Wonderland [3], 1983)
Clan of XymoxStranger
Clan of Xymox   (4AD, 1985)
Current 93Black ships ate the sky
Black ships ate the sky   (Durtro/Jnana, 2006)
Spahn RanchThe Judas cradle
The coiled one   (Cleopatra, 1995)
Boyd Rice & FriendsThe orchid and the death's head
Wolf pact   (Neroz, 2002)
Modus   (Ant-Zen, 2003)
Annie AnxietyHello horror
Barbed wire halo   (Crass, 1981)

episode 12

Lords Of AcidI sit on acid
7"   (Kaos, 1988)
Signum   (Ant-Zen, 1995)
Brock van WeyA gentle hand to hold
White clouds drift on and on   (Echospace, 2009)
Deutsch NepalTender love
[V/A] Karmanik Collection   (Cold Meat Industry, 1993)
Duran y GarciaRound midnight
Encantado!   (Irma Unlimited, 2001)
The KlinikSick in your mind
Melting close + Sabotage   (Antler, 1987)
Mittageisen237 Tage
Mittageisen   (Luna-MB-Musik, 1983)
Philippe Petit & Friends with Chapter 24Untitled
promo   (2009)
The Human LeagueMorale
Reproduction   (Virgin, 1979)
Felix da HousecatDo we move your world
He was king   (Nettwerk, 2009)
Legendary Pink DotsLeap of faith
Seconds late for the Brighton line   (ROIR, 2010)

episode 11

Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson (1955-2010)
ElphPhilm #1
Born against pagans   (Eskaton, 1994)
CoilThe coppice meat
Moon´s milk [bonus CD](Threshold House, 2002)
Psychic TVThemes, part IV
Force the hand of chance [bonus LP]   (Some Bizzare, 1982)
Throbbing GristleDream machine
Heathen earth   (Industrial, 1980)
Throbbing GristleWeeping
D.O.A. The third and final report   (Industrial, 1978)
Psychic TVWhite nights
Dreams less sweet   (Some Bizzare, 1983)
CoilCardinal points
Gold is the metal   (Industrial, 1987)
Throbbing GristleSubhuman
Greatest hits   (Industrial, 1980)
The Threshold Houseboys ChoirSo young it knows no maturing
Form grows rampant   (Threshold House, 2007)
Scatology   (FFK, 1984)
Throbbing GristleWe hate you (Little girls)
7"   (Sordide Sentimental, 1979)

episode 10

Unhuman   (NovaMute, 2007)
Nurse With WoundTwo mock projections
Chance meeting   (United Dairies, 1979)
TuxedomoonMata Hari
Divine   (Cramboy, 1990)
Sheep On DrugsRed handed
F**ck   (Eastworld, 2005)
Sunn O))) & BorisThe sinking belle
Altar   (Southern Lord, 2006)
Silver ApplesWalkin'
The garden   (Whirlybird, 1969-1998)
Controlled BleedingSchist
Can you smell the rain between   (Tone Casualties, 2002)
SwansEden prison
My father will guide me up a rope to the sky   (Young God, 2010)
Thee MajestyFeel strange
Vitruvian pan   (Blossoming noise, 2007)
Legenday Pink DotsStraight on 'till morning
From here you'll watch the world go by   (Soleilmoon, 1995)

episode 9

John Foxx & Louis GordonBurning car
Exotour   (Metamatic, 1997)
Boyd RiceHatesville
The way I feel   (Caciocavallo, 2000)
Maarten van der VleutenMens mysticus - For A.G.
A true and faithful relation...   (Evening of Light, 2010)
Psychic TVRoman P.
7"   (Sordide Sentimental, 1984)
NicoEvening of light
The marble index   (Elektra, 1968)
Spahn RanchLaurels
Architecture   (Cleopatra, 1997)
O.M.D.Architecture and morality
Architecture and morality   (Dindisc, 1981)
The KnifeBehind the bushes
Deep cuts   (Rabid Records, 2003)
Greed   (K.422, 1986)
KoopWords of tranquility
Sons of Koop   (Superstudio Grà/Logic, 1997)
Snowy RedEuroshima (War dance)
The right to die   (Dirty Dance, 1982)

episode 8

Musik von Harmonia   (Brain, 1974)
Opus dei   (Mute, 1987)
Legendary Pink DotsSkeltzer speltzer
A perfect mystery   (Caciocavallo, 2000)
NON / Boyd RiceSolitude
Receive the flame   (Mute, 1999)
TuxedomoonIn a manner of speaking
Holy wars   (Cramboy, 1985)
Nurse With WoundMummer´s little weaper
An awkward pause   (United Dairies, 1999)
Maarten van der VleutenErrata - those of the book
A true and faithful relation...   (Evening of Light, 2010)
Skinny PuppyHaunted
Back and forth VII   (Sub-Conscious Communications, 2007)
Controlled BleedingGlass on wire
Inanition   (Hypnotic/Cleopatra, 1996)
Test Dept.Zazen
Totality   (Invisible, 1996)
Unnatural history   (Threshold House, 1990)
Psychic TV & Thee Angels ov LightA star too far (Lullaby for Syd Barrett)
[V/A] Space Daze   (Cleopatra, 1994)

episode 7

Bella MorteThe rain within her hands
Where shadows lie   (Cleopatra, 1999)
Legendary Pink DotsDissonance
Nemesis online   (Soleilmoon, 1998)
Virgin PrunesSweet home under white clouds
A new form of beauty II   (Rough Trade, 1981)
PortisheadWe carry on
Third   (Go! Beat, 2008)
Desertshore   (Reprise, 1970)
Pinheads on the move   (Cramboy, 1987)
PigfaceHips tits lips power (live)
Thruth will out   (Invisible, 1993)
Black AngelsVikings
Directions to see a ghost   (Light in the Attic, 2008)
Young GodsLes enfants
L'eau rouge   (PIAS, 1989)
DeruI would like
Say goodbye to useless   (Mush, 2010)
AutoluxAudience no. 2
Transit transit   (TBD, 2010)
The Neon JudgementTV treated
The Neon Judgement   (Scarface, 1985)

episode 6

7"   (Soundwork, 1984)
CagedbabyHello there
Will see you now   (Southern Fried Records, 2005)
A new high in low   (Invisible, 1997)
Celebrating life   (Morr Music, 2008)
Massive AttackAngel
Mezzanine   (Wild Bunch Records, 1998)
Silver ApplesLovefingers
Silver Apples   (Kapp, 1968)
IsoléeMädchen mit Hase
We are monster   (Playhouse, 2005)
Psychic TVSweet soul eater
Live in Glasgow   (Temple, 1986)
KaHStokers siding
[V/A] X-Rated: The dark files   (Steamin' Soundworks, 2006)
CoilTitan arch
Love's secret domain   (Torso, 1991)
DAFEin bischen Krieg
Für Immer   (Virgin, 1982)
Zero DefectsDuracell
Non recycleable   (Zoth Ommog, 1994)

episode 5

Controlled BleedingTormentor's song
In blind embrace   (MVD Audio, 2008)
Shock TherapyEverything I want it to be
Adventures in good music   (Dossier, 1992)
The KnifeNeverland
Silent shout   (Rabid, 2006)
The HackerSequenced life
Reves mecaniques   (Different/PIAS, 2004)
Sigur RósSvefn-g-englar
Svefn-g-englar   (Fatcat, 2006)
NicoThe falconer
Desertshore   (Reprise, 1970)
Psychic TVStarlit mire
Allegory & self   (Temple Records, 1988)
Nid & SancySo where's your acid, brothers
Talk to the machine   (Surprise, 2005)
SkinNothing without you
Shame, humility, revenge   (Product Inc., 1988)
The Human LeagueDreams of leaving
Travelogue   (Virgin, 1980)
Liaisons DangereusesEl macho y la nena
Liaisons Dangereuses   (RoadRunner, 1981)

episode 4

MotorBlack powder
12"   (NovaMute, 2006)
Drive by WireTar
Drive by Wire   (My First Sonny Weismuller, 2006)
Bangkok ImpactAus Birgittes Tagebuch
Traveller   (Crème Organization, 2003)
TrickyBlack steel
Maxinquaye   (F & B / Island, 1995)
Controlled BleedingConfirmation
Songs from the ashes   (Projekt: Archive, 1989)
Atari Teenage RiotDeutschland
The future of war   (DHR, 1997)
Young Marble GiantsThe man amplifier
Colossal youth   (Rough Trade, 1980)
Miss Kittin & The HackerStripper
First album   (Emperor Norton, 2004)
Nitzer EbbMurderous
7"   (Power of Voice Communications, 1986)
NON / Boyd RiceThe immolation of man
Might!   (Mute, 1995)
Elevator to HellPhysically unaddictive mind change
Elevator to hell   (SubPop, 1995)
Easy listening   (Invisible, 2002)
Sheep on DrugsBong [remix]
Never mind the methadone   (Invisible, 1997)
Scraping Foetus of the WheelClothes hoist
Hole   (Self Immolation, 1984)
Tubeway ArmyMe! I disconnect from you
Replicas   (Beggars Banquet, 1979)

episode 3

John FoxxPlaza
Metamatic   (Metal Beat/Virgin, 1980)
Razed in BlackCyberium (on speed)
Shrieks, laments and anguished cries   (Cleopatra, 1994)
Virgin PrunesDecline and fall
If I die, I die   (Mute, 1982)
White NoiseMy game of loving
An electric storm   (Island, 1969)
Vapour trails   (Cramboy, 2007)
Thee MajestyOh yeah you do!
Vitruvian pan   (Blossoming noise, 2007)
Psychic TVAlone in madness shame
Cathedral engine   (Dossier, 1994)
Throbbing GristleAdrenalin
7"   (Industrial, 1980)
The Young GodsSuper ready / Fragmenté
Super ready / Fragmenté   (PIAS, 2007)
ZoppoGet over cute
Don't trust scarred survivors   (The Drowning Man, 2006)
Sheep on DrugsLife's a bitch
F**k   (Eastworld, 2005)
Mouse on MarsWald FX
Niun niggung   (Our choice, 1999)

episode 2

Sigur RósSalka
Hvarf/Heim   (XL recordings, 2007)
DMX KrewTonight
Wave CD   (Rephlex, 2005)
AutoluxTurnstyle blues
Future perfect   (Full Time Hobby, 2004)
Syd BarrettNo good trying
The madcap laughs   (Harvest, 1970)
The Danse SocietyMy heart
Seduction   (Society, 1982)
Controlled BleedingTides of heaven
Songs from the ashes   (Projekt: Archive, 1989)
Marc AlmondYour kisses burn
The stars we are   (Some Bizarre, 1989)
Bangkok ImpactJunge Dame mit Freundliche Telefonstimme
12"   (Crème Organization, 2002)
Black AngelsNever ever
Directions to see a ghost   (Light in the attic, 2008)
Hard listening   (Astro, 2000)
SwansHalf life
Cop   (K.422, 1984)
Spahn RanchLocusts [live]
In parts assembled solely   (Cleopatra, 1996)

episode 1

Soft CellMartin
The art of falling apart   (Some Bizarre, 1982)
Silver ApplesProgram
Silver Apples   (Kapp, 1968)
Ultravox!Artificial life
Ha! Ha! Ha!   (Island, 1977)
Throbbing GristleHamburger lady
Greatest hits   (Mute, 1980)
CoilCathedral in flames
Scatology   (Force and Form, 1984)
The Human LeagueDance like a star
The golden hour of the future   (Black Melody, 2002)
Pink FloydVegetable man
Television PersonalitiesI know where Syd Barrett lives
And don't the kids just love it   (Ridiculous, 1980)
A new high in low   (Invisible, 1997)
Psychic TVCatalan (The mad organist)
Force the hand of chance   (Cleopatra, 1982)
Spahn RanchLaurels
Architecture   (Cleopatra, 1997)
Boyd Rice & FriendsDisneyland can wait
Music, Martinis and misanthropy   (New European Recordings, 1990)
Thee Majesty & The White StainsCasa Delirium
At Stockholm   (Temple, 1998)